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    The PHP program includes 30 hours a week
    Services we provide through Telehealth:
    The PHP program includes 30 hours a week of individual therapy, which equates to six hours of therapy a day, five days a week.
    Program details include:
      • 10 hours of Brainspotting and/or EMDR – Access hidden parts of the brain
      • 5 hours of Somatic Therapy – Restore self-regulation by releasing pent-up survival energy in the body.
      • 4 hours of Mindfulness – Achieve moment-by-moment awareness of their emotions, thoughts, bodily sensations, and the environment
            3 3hours of skills and/or Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) – Develop the skills         needed to manage painful emotions and to change negative thinking patterns
    • 3 hours of yoga – A profoundly therapeutic activity that offers physical and psychological benefits to help you feel nourished and centered
    • 1 hour of acupuncture – A helpful somatic therapy that helps to rebalance the brain after significant stress and trauma
    • 1 hour of fitness – Improve physical strength and overall health with a fitness routine
    • 2 hour of movement – Includes healing, martial, and dance arts to empower and connect the mind, body, spirit, and emotion
    • 1 hour of art therapy – Enables personal growth, transformation, and insight while also helping clients to connect to their internal side
    We do customized IOP programs that are less hours that have a combination of these therapies as well as individual sessions in all of the above therapies.
    Contact info for scheduling is 310-310 9249 Veronica or Joanne
    Hours of operation: 9am-7pm
    Discount for Chamber Members: $100 off any program of PHP or IOP

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