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    https://chambermaster.blob.core.windows.net/userfiles/UserFiles/chambers/2860/File/LARCROConstructionNavigatorJobDescription.pdfGeneral Description:
    Provides construction guidance and information for both Clients participating in rebuild projects assisted by the Construction Committee and for Clients who are not receiving a full suite of assistance, but need guidance and information to manage their own recovery project. May include Construction Project Manager, Material Coordinator & Site Manager responsibilities if there is not a sufficient number of active construction client sites.
    o Provide guidance, technical advice and expertise to disaster case managers as they assist fire affected families with the navigation of documents, permits, and other requirements within the re-build process.
    o Work with Project/Site Manager(s) on active construction projects, working on scheduling and confirming work is done in compliance with rules and regulations. o Advise clients at key milestones and decision-making points throughout the re-build process in coordination with disaster case manager. o Maintain open dialogue and foster relationships with City/County personnel responsible for permitting, zoning etc.
    o Cultivate effective relationships with partner agencies/organizations, inspectors, vendors, and the community. o Serve as advisor and technical expert to LTRG Allocation Table in relation costs, fees and re-build process.
    o Supervise and evaluate Cost Estimators, Building Project Managers and Building Site Managers
    o Other responsibilities, based on mutual agreement, as needs of cases involved in re-build progress evolve.
    o May have Project and Site Management responsibilities augmented if there are 20 or less active or projected construction projects.
    o Knowledge of permits/building process, with knowledge of CA, LA County and effected cities highly desirable;
    o Active General Contractors License - preferred
    o Working knowledge of local and International Building Code, local vendors
    o Experience estimating entire construction projects
    o Experience in problem-solving and decision making
    o Compassion, empathy and understanding of the devastation, displacement and loss of property experienced by families affected by wildfire
    o Effective communicate skills both in person and electronically
    o Ability to work with people of all ages, ethnic and religious backgrounds
    o Understanding and knowledge of overall rebuild after disaster (e.g. wildfires, flood, earthquake).
    Reports to:  
    Executive Director with additional reporting to Construction Committee Chair
    Employment Term:
    The Rebuild Navigator will be an employee working as part of the Construction Committee and reporting to the Executive Director of the LA Woolsey Fire Long Term Recovery Group.
    The contract position compensation is an annual salary, range $75,000 to $95,000 based on experience and responsibilities, with benefits to include a 40 hour a work week. Salary may be increased up to $95,000 based on addition of construction project management and/or site management. Work will begin XX/XX/20 until XX/XX/2X. Estimated to be at a one-year commitment, to be reviewed every six months. 

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