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    A Careful Listening & Observing Dual Diagnosis
    Through careful listening and observing each individual, we diagnose what co-occurring disorders might be amplifying their addictions. What emerges is a customized yet clinically sound treatment plan that allows us to more effectively help our clients change their addictive behavior patterns. Together, we can deal with these underlying problems and sort out their causes and effects. By discovering the “why,” we reduce the chances that the client will relapse into a chemically dependent lifestyle. In addition to Drug and Alcohol Addiction we are experts in treating:


    • In order to consider undiagnosed psychological and neurological factors, traumas, and developmental history, our doctors
    • Our chef provides gourmet meals with each resident’s health and dietary needs in mind. While at Creative Care, clients c
    • Horses are deeply emotional, intelligent beings. They mirror our inner emotional state and act out the feelings we consc
    • All forms of exercise and physical play not only improve the health of the body but also of the mind. The emotional pain


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