• Former Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce

    Former Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce

    About Us

    To actively promote a successful business atmosphere in Pacific Palisades did not come about by accident. It is the result of dedicated businesses and residents working together. If there are problems affecting the business environment and the community, the Chamber and the City work together to solve these problems.

    The need for strength and unity is ongoing in order to preserve and enhance the Palisades and its special quality of life. Through various projects, working on community problems helps businesses demonstrate to the public that they are socially responsible to the local needs and cares of the community.

    The major responsibility of the Chamber is to further the economic well being of the business community. The Chamber functions as the “headquarters” for the business community by representing and promoting its member businesses. If you don’t own a business, consider becoming a residential member. The imagination and variety and scope of activities are the ingredients that generate enthusiasm.


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