From the Chairwoman                  


   Hello Friends and Members!

   As your Chairwoman of the Board for 2013, I am committed to getting back to basics in our business community and positioning our Chamber to be one of the most sought after memberships in Los Angeles. Simply put, our Chamber is all about relationships.  Your Board of Directors has been appointed to strengthen our business family and we will focus our movement into 3 areas:

  1.      Finding the Perfect Relationships

  2.      Events and Educational Programs

  3.      Strengthening our Membership

Relationships are built by placing the right people in the same room, getting to understand each other and forming mutually beneficial partnerships. We do this through our current networking and social events that get people talking. Our legendary events keep members active and thinking about new opportunities. The Malibu Arts Festival, Taste of Malibu, and the Malibu Golf Tournament are just a few that have proven to be eagerly anticipated annual events. 

To stay relevant, we all need to stay educated on the current business climate. Change is going to happen and this makes preparation essential.  To stay up to date, we need to go “back to school”. Our monthly Masters Program will bring the best of the best in their fields to our members for a series of workshops.  Some of these topics will include social media, online marketing, and even social and personal topics like college admissions preparation and estate planning. 

Our membership is about banding together and supporting all business.  An increased membership base leads to more traction for programs and events. This enables a greater impact on a local and State level.  Let’s strive to make our Chamber’s membership more diversified and stronger than ever. There are so many businesses that can contribute to our Chamber family and benefit from Chamber programs.  I want all of you to look at your Chamber Membership as an agency that will assist you in marketing and strengthening your brand.

The Malibu Chamber of Commerce works every day to make our community a place where business can grow and prosper and where people want to raise their families. As the voice of all business since 1948, our Chamber envisions you working in rewarding careers and thriving businesses.  We work tirelessly to make Malibu a place where we work, shop and play together.


Beth Pearcey Neal

2013 Chairwoman, Malibu Chamber of Commerce

Director of Sales and Marketing for the Malibu Golf Club



Letter from Sam Sahrai                  

December 24, 2012

Dear Don, BOD and Staff:

Christmas Holiday is a great opportunity to reminisce on the accomplishments of the past year.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work and commitment in building a strong and prosperous Chamber of Commerce.

Under your stewardship of the Malibu Chamber, and strategic thinking, your tireless efforts we were able to increase Chamber’s  credibility and visibility in the community.

You’ve been a good visionary, particularly with the membership development, focus on benefits to our members and add value, encouraging residents to see the importance of shopping local to support the local businesses, retailers, hotels, restaurants and work in partnership with key community leaders to enhance the business and community environment to benefit the area.

In my view this has been an extraordinary year at the Chamber, full of tough challenges, key accomplishments such as the financial health of the chamber and exciting events as well as the membership semi-annual meeting, which has laid a solid foundation for the future.

I want to thank the Chamber's "volunteer" Board of Directors and Ambassadors for their support and hard work with ribbon cuttings and business after hours, making educational opportunities available to our members, to run a successful business from business development marketing to human resources, business expos that have helped bring people into our community and to educate them of what products and services we have available right here in Malibu, over the past year, despite current economic conditions.

I would like to recognize the hardworking and dedicated staff of the Malibu Chamber of Commerce; Mark, Rhea and Samantha for all their contributions this past year. Your commitment to the Chamber and our members is one of the reasons we are one of the top Chambers in the area.

The relationships we have fostered with our supporters, sponsors and partners will ensure Malibu Chamber will continue to prosper in 2013 and beyond.

It has been an honor and pleasure serving the Malibu Chamber of Commerce along-side with you and other Board members, in the past five years and I will miss working with you. Best wishes for your continued success.



Letter from the Chairman

As the 2012 business year heads into the second quarter, businesses find themselves assessing how their plans for the new year are progressing, and the same is true for the Malibu Chamber of Commerce. Like many of our members, the Chamber has had to reinvent itself, to do more with less, and to become even more efficient  to advocate for its membership and the general business community. To effectuate needed changes the Chamber is completing a comprehensive auditing of its financial structure, has moved to a more affordable office, and restructured its staff. The board is reassessing all Chamber activities, discarding functions and programs that haven’t demonstrated significant value for our members, increasing our investment in those that have, and striking out into new directions to further support commerce in the greater Malibu area.

And it’s working!

The improvements are palatable. Membership is up, with historical members returning to the Chamber, and new members joining on.  For the first time there will be a general membership meeting on 24 April, 5:00 to 8:00 at Pepperdine (RSVP at the chamber office please). The board is interested in hearing from the membership, about what your needs are, and what should be done to meet them. Additionally, the board will be presenting the work done to date, and priorities for the upcoming year, including:

  1.  Networking and advertising.
  2. The “Shop the Bu” program, designed to connect residents to local business, and promote your sales.
  3. The defacto moratorium on businesses and residences in many areas due to inadequate fire hydrant flows.
  4. The declared moratorium on new septic systems in the Civic Center, the looming prohibition in the same, and the proposed sewer system and assessment district.
  5. The city moving towards a formula retail and diversification ordinance for the Civic Center and Trancas Center.

Elizabeth Dole said; “What you always do before you make a decision is consult. The best public policy is made when you are listening to people who are going to be impacted. Then, once policy is determined, you call on them to help you sell it.”

I can’t say enough about the excellent board that I Chair; their incredible work ethic, integrity, and how much the care about our community, but it is up to all of us as the business owners to make a difference to promote healthy commerce here in Malibu. With the many challenges we are all facing, from a struggling California economy to constantly increasing governmental regulations, it is important for the board to consult with its membership. But it is even more important for the membership to work together to make a difference to the benefit of all business enterprises in our community.
We look forward to hearing from you, and working on your behalf moving forward.


Don Schmitz

About the Chamber

The Malibu Chamber of Commerce is here to assist you with whatever business or lifestyle questions you may have.

Each of our Board of Directors is a member of the business community, and we’re here to make life easier and better for you.

So if you are a local businessperson, we invite you to join the Chamber. And if you are just traveling through, give us a call and we will help make your stay a wonderful journey. We’re the only organization making each visitors’ Malibu experience - whether from nearby or the other side of the world - the most enjoyable of their lives.

Core Competencies

Building a Strong Local Economy

The Malibu Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to helping local companies grow their businesses by taking the lead in programs to create a strong local economy. The Chamber holds several events that directly impact the economic progress of the city, such as the Malibu Arts Festival held annually.

Promoting the Community

The Malibu Chamber promotes the community by assisting businesses to grow and develop, participating in efforts to improve our quality of life, and advocating our community as a great place for people to live and do business. The Chamber hosts several events which bring the Malibu community closer together and highlight our unique lifestyle. Some of our events contributing to a strong “sense of community” are the Malibu Arts Festival, Zero Impact Malibu, Veterans Day Celebration, Mayor’s Luncheon and more throughout the year. The networking opportunities provided by the Malibu Chamber give members the chance to interact with other business professionals and exchange ideas and referrals. The Chamber’s Malibu Networking Breakfasts and Luncheons, and Malibu Sunset Networking Mixers provide excellent networking opportunities in a relaxed, social environment.

Representing the Interests of Business to Government

The Malibu Chamber works year-round on your behalf to ensure local and state elected officials are educated on the impact their decisions will have on our economy. We communicate our concerns to legislation and the business community through the Malibu Chamber News, e-mail and fax alerts, and editorials in local newspapers.

Engaging in Political Action

The Malibu Chamber positions itself “in the heart” of politics by working with City Council members and taking positions on state and local ballot measures. It is the Chamber’s job to analyze the impact each issue will have on local businesses, and to relay this information to our members and the community.

Legislative/Environmental Advocacy

The Malibu Networking Breakfasts feature government representatives to whom you may express your views and learn first hand information. The Chamber represents your business and fights for pro-business legislation on your behalf from City Hall to Sacramento. Through the Chamber’s Environmental Committee, the Chamber actively promotes ways to make Malibu ‘green’ and provide information to the public.