• About the Chamber

  • The Malibu Chamber of Commerce and Visitor's Center is here to assist you with whatever business or lifestyle questions you may have.  We are located in the beautiful shopping center called the Malibu Lumber Yard.  Come and see our new Visitor's Center here - we are open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm and Sundays Noon to 6 pm.

    Each of our Board of Directors is a member of the business community, and we’re here to make life easier and better for you.

    So if you are a local businessperson, we invite you to join the Chamber. And if you are just traveling through, give us a call and we will help make your stay a wonderful journey. We’re the only organization making each visitors’ Malibu experience - whether from nearby or the other side of the world - the most enjoyable of their lives.

    Core Competencies

    Building a Strong Local Economy
    The Malibu Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to helping local companies grow their businesses by taking the lead in programs to create a strong local economy. The Chamber holds several events that directly impact the economic progress of the city, such as the Malibu Arts Festival held annually.

    Promoting the Community
    The Malibu Chamber promotes the community by assisting businesses to grow and develop, participating in efforts to improve our quality of life, and advocating our community as a great place for people to live and do business. The Chamber hosts several events which bring the Malibu community closer together and highlight our unique lifestyle. Some of our events contributing to a strong “sense of community” are the Malibu Arts Festival, Zero Impact Malibu, Veterans Day Celebration, Mayor’s Luncheon and more throughout the year. The networking opportunities provided by the Malibu Chamber give members the chance to interact with other business professionals and exchange ideas and referrals. The Chamber’s Malibu Networking Breakfasts and Luncheons, and Malibu Sunset Networking Mixers provide excellent networking opportunities in a relaxed, social environment.

    Representing the Interests of Business to Government
    The Malibu Chamber works year-round on your behalf to ensure local and state elected officials are educated on the impact their decisions will have on our economy. We communicate our concerns to legislation and the business community through the Malibu Chamber News, e-mail and fax alerts, and editorials in local newspapers.

    Engaging in Political Action
    The Malibu Chamber positions itself “in the heart” of politics by working with City Council members and taking positions on state and local ballot measures. It is the Chamber’s job to analyze the impact each issue will have on local businesses, and to relay this information to our members and the community.

    Legislative/Environmental Advocacy
    The Malibu Networking Breakfasts feature government representatives to whom you may express your views and learn first hand information. The Chamber represents your business and fights for pro-business legislation on your behalf from City Hall to Sacramento. Through the Chamber’s Environmental Committee, the Chamber actively promotes ways to make Malibu ‘green’ and provide information to the public.

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