• Emergency Preparedness

  • If your company experiences a disaster, do you have an adequate recovery plan in place? According to the Contingency Planning Research Strategic Corporation, 43% of U.S companies that experience a natural or man-made disaster never re-open and another 29% of businesses will close within 2 years.  According to a Touche Ross study, the survival rate for a company with no disaster recovery plan in place is less than 10%.

    In recent years the City of Malibu has experienced earthquakes, landslides and major wildfires impacting residents and businesses alike. The Malibu Chamber of Commerce and the City of Malibu's Emergency Services Department have joined forces to form the "Emergency Preparedness Network" (EPN). The goal of EPN is to promote threat awareness, disaster preparedness and improve disaster survival rates throughout the City's business community.

    The EPN will offer a basic framework to help businesses anticipate their particular emergency needs and construct a preparedness plan for owners and employees to follow in case of area-wide emergencies.

    The network will also serve as a communications hub in emergencies for receiving and sharing information between the Chamber, City, first responders and key business personnel.

    EPN will offer a special CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training class created specifically for businesses.  This class covers basic survival information and skills required until professional responders are available to assist during emergencies. Finally, the Malibu Chamber has commissioned a backpack containing critical supplies businesses may need during an emergency, available to Chamber members at a special price.

    To order your Chamber-Endorsed Emergency Pack, click: Emergency Pack or call the Wilderness Institute at 818-483-6570.

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