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    Not only is it the only local radio station in Malibu, but it’s the smallest radio station in greater Los Angeles in terms of wattage. It wasn’t easy getting the station started. Because of the Santa Monica Mountains, FM reception in Malibu is dicey. “We’re in a weird place,” Laetz says, demonstrating his point by turning the dial of a radio. Static engulfs the airwaves on all but two stations. “We really don’t get any FM out here.”

    Under FCC regulations, Malibu is in the Los Angeles market and signals there have to yield to signals from as far away as Tijuana, Santa Barbara and Riverside. It’s virtually impossible to find an open frequency to host a new station. And yet, because the reception is so bad in Malibu, it’s more like every frequency is available. “Notice, the whole dial is empty,” Laetz says. “We don’t overlap with the L.A. market because we don’t pick up L.A.”

    Once his engineer found a possible frequency, Laetz had to place his 50-watt transmitter somewhere where it would not blot out nearby stations on the dial. But finding a spot in Malibu to put an 85-foot-pole was impossible. The Coastal Commission has a firm 28-foot height limit.

    After four rejected tower applications, Laetz was ready to throw in the towel last summer, until he found a spot at the top of a lone mountain that worked.

    KBU’s signal range is only six miles, but listeners can stream the station online from anywhere in the world. Laetz has feedback from listeners in England, Germany and Chile, as well as in Malibu.

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    N95 Masks are highly encouraged in place of all other types of masks per the CDC.  They are currently available for free at various retail sites including CVS and Walgreens.  

    BUSINESSES: FREE PPE packages, including N95 masks, are available through PPE Unite at www.ppeunite.org or by  calling (747)224-7742. The City of Los Angeles also has low-cost N95 masks available for purchase at www.lovla.org. 

    The LA County Department of Public Health (LADPH) has updated its Health Officer Order as follows: 

    • No later than January 17, 2022, all employers are required to provide employees who work indoors and in close contact with others or the public with a well-fitting medical grade mask, surgical mask or higher-level respirator, such as an N95 filtering facepiece respirator or KN95, and require them to wear the masks at all times while indoors at the worksite or facility. 
    • In alignment with the State Public Health Officer's Order of December 31, 2021, beginning January 15, 2022, attendance thresholds are lowered to 500 attendees for Indoor Mega Events and 5,000 attendees for Outdoor Mega Events. 
    • Masks must be worn at all times while indoors at Cardrooms, except when actively eating or drinking in required designated dining areas. 
    • Recommend that at Mega Events, Performance Venues, Movie Theatres, and Entertainment Venues, food and drink only be consumed, where possible, in designated dining areas. 
    • Mega Events, Performance Venues, Movie Theatres and Entertainment Venues are responsible for messaging, signage, and compliance with masking requirement unless spectators/customers are actively eating or drinking.
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