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    Since its founding in 2002, A-Fib.com has been funded personally by Patti and Steve Ryan with an occasional reader donation (donations are applied toward the maintenance costs of A-Fib.com).

    A-Fib.com offers hope and guidance to empower patients to find their A-Fib cure or best outcome. A-Fib.com is the patient’s unbiased source of well-researched information on current and emerging Atrial Fibrillation treatments. To maintain our independence and unbiased viewpoint and integrity, A-Fib.com is deliberately not affiliated with any medical school, device manufacturer, pharmaceutical company, or medical practice. We accept no third-party advertising, do not charge for inclusion in our Directory of Doctors & Facilities and accept no fee (cash or other kind) for a listing in Steve’s Lists of Doctors by Specialty.

    Dr. Ryan had his first A-Fib attack in the January 1997. After numerous failed drug therapies, two unsuccessful right atria ablations, and much frustration, he educated himself about Atrial Fibrillation through an exhaustive search of medical literature and interviews with medical experts. Dr. Steve Ryan earned a Ph.D. in Educational Communications from the Ohio State University, and for many years taught film and television courses at the college level. Steve Ryan is ‘The A-Fib Coach’: If you have an urgent question or an important treatment decision to make, consider a one-on-one phone consultation with Steve S. Ryan, PhD.

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