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    Art Lessons LA is a luxury art class and art entertainment business. We are mobile and bring a pop-up studio to the client's location. Services include art classes, camps, parties and events!

    We help people connect through creative expression and visual communication. The aim is experimenting, discovery and growth as an artist, - even when you consider yourself a ''non-artist.''

    In lessons with Julie and her team, the focus is on self-expression and the exploration of materials and techniques. She encourages clients to create unique pieces of work that channel their individual styles and voice. Julie has worked with artists of all levels, and can provide training in both traditional and more contemporary forms of art. While recognizing the importance of honing technical skills and teaching principles of art, Julie also leaves room for experimentation.

    She received her MFA from Claremont Graduate University and BA from Kenyon College and has been giving art lessons for more than a decade.

    Previously, Julie worked as an Art Director for various Hollywood productions which included clients such Snoop Dogg, Snapchat, MTV, Bravo, ABC, and music video for Academy Award winning group, The Swell Season. Whether designing a Hollywood set or creating a work of art, Julie loves arranging visual elements in a way that is provocative and aesthetically interesting.


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