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    Built on a Salesforce platform, WRapid™ and WRapid™ Global is an Enterprise Resource Planning software for business immigration. It is now the leader in the field of Immigration Management Systems. The National Law Journal recently recognized WRapid™ with its 2023 “Trailblazer in Legal Technology” award. The software empowers human resource professionals with its robust analytics, reporting, budgeting, forecasting and case processing efficiencies. WRapid™ features automation and advanced bots WRosie and WRay that provide a critical advantage. For example, WRay mimics an immigration legal expert by evaluating immigration risk for pre-hires. The systems capabilities are limitless.

    To be at our best, we built a firm that is diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible for everyone at WR Immigration. Our work in the immigration arena provides us an opportunity to help people from all nations. As leaders, we know our role goes beyond our crucial work. We have built a firm that prioritizes opportunity for all. We believe that diverse leadership is critical to our firm’s success and have an exemplary record of promoting women and minorities. Our mentorship model ensures that attorneys of all backgrounds are supported, encouraged, and recognized for their unique strengths.

    We strive to ensure a positive working environment by promoting a diverse, equitable, inclusive and collaborative workplace. We are committed to our role in the legal profession by educating, promoting, and maintaining a respectful and inclusive culture.

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