• Awoken Space

    Awoken Space


    Exercise, Fitness & Training

    About Us

    The Awoken Space Transcends Time and Place
    Boundlessly Present and Whole
    A Sanctuary for Mind, Body and Soul

    Our Physical Location
    Pastel Mystical Sensation

    In Malibu, On the PCH…
    With an Ocean View

    Here You May Find…
    Workshops and Classes On
    Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork and More

    Plus a Most Magical Highly Curated and Intentional Store

    Books, Records and Handmade Divine Objects
    Sourced From Around the World

    The Awoken Space Exists Non-Locally in the Form of Our Podcast
    And Online Presence

    The Space Has Awoken,
    Enter and You Shall Too
    ( Wherever You Are )
    More Than a Place
    The Awoken Space Is An Idea
    It’s About What It Means to You


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    Rep/Contact Info

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    Jesse Rakusin
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