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    What we do here at Bantu Arts Atelier for Kids, is many things. In short, we are a community; and a school of cultural education. Through workshops and classes on various topics, presentations, dances, festivals, charity events, and so much more it is our hope to educate our local communities about their fellow humans across the world. If we could fly everyone back to the Bantu villages, we could; but we feel this is as close as we can get without actually doing that. It is through these classes, displays, and outpouring of community support that we hope to achieve our goals. We have classes on various aspects of Bantu culture for people of all ages, and we implore all those interested to check us out!

    We go to schools, community events, children hospital, foster care homes, senior facilities, juvenile centers , etc..

    We are unique, we are different and that is our beauty.



    Malibu Arts Festival
    Private Birthday Celebration in Mountain view Estates Calabasas
    Project Matamba
    Calabasas Earth Day Festival
    Book reading and signing Lupin Hill elementary school
    Book signing
    Bamileke Elephant Mask activities
    Our raffle basket
    Project Moetchoum
    Nkwah selfmade
    Harvest Dance
    Songo'o game lessons
    Celebration in the village
    Our flyers
    Featuring by Boys and Girls Club
    Pumpkin Festival and Bamileke Elephant mask activities
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