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    Home and estate firefighting equipment and supplies. We provide pool fire pumps, remote-controlled fire defense systems, industrial-grade fire sprinklers, fire hose, home hydrants and fire department grade nozzles and hose wyes.

    Brushfire Battle Systems is a Southern California supplier of advanced pool fire pumps and fire sprinkler wildfire defense systems. I have been in business since 2019 and have equipment installed from Calistoga to Carlsbad. New equipment includes fire engine grade pumps and remotely operated systems.

    Our systems utilize professional-grade equipment to help protect your home, estate, car collection, winery or business from an advancing wildfire. Your swimming pool or water tank can be tapped to provide a water shield around and over your home in minutes.

    We now offer cell phone controlled fire defense options. You can help protect you home anywhere in the world with our advanced electric fire pump system. Just open the app and turn on your defensible space fire sprinkler system. You are in complete control of the pump at any time. You must have LTE service and a generator on site to make this work. Giant high pressure pumps and fire sprinklers can possibly protect your home even if you are in New York or Paris. One click and you cover your home in a downpour of water.

    Owning a fire pump, fire sprinklers and professional fire fighting equipment may be the difference between returning to a home or business still standing and a drained pool or tank, or smoldering slab of concrete and a full pool filled with ash.


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