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    Located in the Santa Monica Mountains on California State Park land, California Wildlife Center (CWC) has provided veterinary and rehabilitative care to injured and orphaned native wildlife since 1998. Since caring for 300 animals in that first year, CWC has provided care for more than 48,000 injured, orphaned, and ill wildlife. CWC fields over 30,000 calls a year from the public about injured and nuisance wildlife, as well as general wildlife questions. CWC provides these services free of charge, 365 days per year, and receives no sustaining local, state or federal funding.


    Orphaned fledgling mourning dove
    California sea lion pup
    Eastern fox squirrel
    Juvenile red-tailed hawk
    Young brush rabbit
    Elephant seal pup
    Fledgling burrowing owl
    Baby skunk orphan
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