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    After falling in love with the smoked flavor of Mezcal years ago, I began smoking premium spirits in my kitchen and experimenting with flavors. We made several journeys to Jalisco, Mexico, and created our dream spirit – an artisan crafted smoked tequila with highlights of vanilla and a smooth smoky bouquet.

    Made from naturally grown 100% Weber blue agaves, without the use of pesticides. Inspired by the ancestral process, the agave pinas are slow smoked over a fire in a handmade stone enclave. The juice is double distilled using spring water from the vast Cienega region of Jalisco, Mexico. Some agave spirits are made using plastic sheets during the smoking process and the juice is stored in plastic drums. This can hurt flavor and adds toxins. The Smoke Label never uses plastic in any part of the tequila-crafting process.

    After the juice is twice distilled, the Blanco goes right to the bottle, avoiding flavor contamination and impurities by being held in a tank. The Reposado is matured in French oak cognac barrels, developing an aromatic bouquet of vanilla and hints of woodsmoke. We hope you find this unique convergence of flavors a decadent experience.


    The Smoke Label
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