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    Family-owned and operated since 2021, Confidential Defense Agency (CDA) is a private security firm based out of Los Angeles, CA with client services available globally. We offer custom-tailored security and luxury transport solutions with an emphasis on client privacy. We are a law enforcement family and take pride in our mission to safeguard our trusted clients and what they value most. Our security operators are vetted from tenured and distinguished backgrounds in U.S. law enforcement and military, possessing over 100 years of combined professional experience serving and protecting civilians.

    After 14 years of working side jobs in executive protection to provide extra financial support to his growing family, LA County Senior Gang Detective, Chase, concluded that his 17 years of professional experience as a police officer offered more qualifying expertise in the field of security services than any executive protection company he had ever worked for. These companies often lacked leadership with any previous law-enforcement or military background, and he often found himself as the one consultant capable of drafting specialized protection plans for their clients.

    After observing the use of scare tactics to influence and overcharge clients first-hand, Chase decided he did not want to be part of a business culture capable of unfairly taking advantage of unsuspecting individuals. With the motivation and support of his wife, Jessica, Chase founded CDA with a different mission in mind: to safeguard clients and protect what matters most to them.


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