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    About Us

    36 years of experience as an award winning trauma and addiction psychotherapist. Licensed in 3 states. Fellow for ISSTD. Board certified registered art therapist and registered exp. arts therapist.

    The creative and expressive arts are a particularly potent tool for clarifying your life, past history, strengths and challenges, and future goals.The creative arts help you manifest your dreams.

    Potential road blocks to a fulfilling life are compulsions, addictions, unidentified or unhealed trauma, urges to use or act out, mood disorders, attachment issues, cognitive defenses, denial and various degrees and forms of dissociation.

    In today’s world, it may be easier to schedule a half day intensive for a few days, once or twice every few months, than it is to commit to a 30 day intensive outpatient program or even weekly therapy for an hour or two when traffic, travel, family and work schedules are considered.

    Doctor Ericha Scott offers dynamic experiential workshops specifically designed for your needs. These workshops embody the theories of several leaders in the field of creativity including Carl Jung, Rollo May, Robert Fritz, Susanne Fincher, Julia Cameron and the published theoretical work of Dr. Scott.

    We will use these healing practices to integrate your life story via journal/poetry and lyric writing, meditation, drawing/painting/sculpting, collage, and other expressive arts including drumming, authentic movement, sand play therapy and the life-sized silhouette mandala (LSSM), also known as a body map. Visit my site for more information!

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