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    Developed for over 14 years, John Wakefield, master percussionist, created this training for professional boxers to improve focus, agility, and adaptability. John was classically trained in a conservatory and performs with prestigious orchestras such as the LA Opera, yet it is his passion for afro-cuban music that inspires the heart and soul of DRUMBOXING.

    The training uses a combination of afro-cuban rhythms and fundamental boxing techniques while applied to patterns, tempo changes, and commands to create a brain stimulating exercise.

    In 2019, a neuroscientist at USC linked John with Malibu-based former athlete and wellness entrepreneur, Christina Hinds. Post Olympic training, Christina had been looking for ways to get into a ‘flow state’ outside of sport, and then she found DRUMBOXING. John and Christina teamed up to create group class experiences that can adapt to different emotions and goals of individuals and teams.

    After a few years of private events during lockdown, DRUMBOXING is opening it’s doors in a post-pandemic world, where learning to be adaptable, focused, and calm are of the utmost value.


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