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    About Us

    General Contractor, Home Builder, Fire Rebuilds

    The Farnsworth Builders Mission
    The motivation for Farnsworth started with a desire to raise the bar. We wanted to set a new standard for how homeowners experience the process of building their forever home. Farnsworth was founded to make this journey one of excitement, in which inspiration and cooperation could make even the loftiest of visions a reality.

    Today, Farnsworth continues to help others bring their visualizations into the world, creating homes with undeniable character and integrity. We strive to build a sense of camaraderie with every one of our clients, understanding just how important their project is to their life’s greater goals.

    We know that we play a crucial role in the story of our client's homes, and we do all we can to support their dreams. By the end of our work, we aim to walk away as friends who helped these families welcome a new chapter of their lives. It’s our hope that you’ll be among the next.

    What Goes Into the Pre-Construction Phase?
    Pre-construction is the stage of preparation, in which we work with the architect and subcontractors to lay all the necessary groundwork for building. In order to prevent disruptions during construction, significant planning and analysis must be done.

    ?Farnsworth takes a proactive approach when it comes to client needs, identifying possible challenges by examining all project documentation and discussing foreseeable friction points with both the client and all project contributors.

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