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    Flourishing With Flora

    About Us

    I help people heal with the habits of the Yogis. Simple habits that improve all aspects of your life. From getting off medications to loosing the stagnation in your body. Results in clearer thinking.

    About Flora
    Flora is a Health Coach, Ayurvedic Counselor, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, and Message Therapist. Her combined years of experience make her an ideal teacher.

    With the extensive time spent leading Flourishing with Flora and practicing her many talents, Flora is excited to spread her wisdom to students and friends from all walks of life. She will give you the tools to be your own healer through Ayurveda. Reach out today and learn more!

    Flourishing with Flora
    A 1-year course with Flora Sanchez
    Flourish with Flora is a dynamic group course that provides a safe container to define, achieve, and surpass your goals! Group members love sharing their experiences as they learn and incorporate the habits of the Yogis.

    Achieving your goals can sometimes require falling down, getting dirty, and learning how to get back in the saddle. Get in tune with your circadian rhythm.

    Reduce Inflammation
    Get off Medication
    Get Moving
    Start Living!


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