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    H&H Builders and Restoration, Inc. was founded on sound principals: Do the right job at the right price, treat each client with respect, and each claim as our own. We handle a variety of claims caused by fire, flood, earthquake and vandalism to name a few. Each incident is different and understanding our client’s needs is our priority. We strive to exceed expectations while maintaining open communication.

    Many who have worked with us in the past have commented on our willingness to share our information. We ensure that all parties involved in the claim know what is going on from the beginning to the end of each and every project.

    H&H Builders and Restoration, Inc. employs specialists in the field of restoration with vast experience to help us to understand the industry and the needs of our clients.

    When disasters strike and cause damage to your home or business, our skilled and experienced team will be ready to help at a moment’s notice by assessing the damage, working with insurance companies every step of the way, and making sure everything is built back to code as fast as possible. You can rest easy when H&H Builders and Restoration, Inc. is on the job.


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