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    Homebound is a full-service home builder, with an experienced team dedicated to helping homeowners rebuild after natural disaster. We handle all aspects of the rebuild for our clients including navigating insurance payouts, home design, lot preparation and construction. Our dedicated Homeowner Concierge guides our clients through the process, saving time and helping them get back in their home sooner. Our team has collectively built thousands of homes in California, and we are working with clients in Sonoma, Napa, Ventura and Malibu today.

    What Makes Us Different?

    Insurance support
    Our insurance experts work with you to understand and navigate the process, helping maximize your build budget, including code upgrades, replacement cap, and personal property.

    A process that works for you
    We customize our process to match your needs. We offer a full suite of architecture, engineering, and interior design services for homeowners who need it, or we can work with your existing plans and team if you’ve already gotten started.

    Work within your budget
    Whether you’re designing your dream home, or carefully managing to your insurance budget, our team will work with you to understand your needs and design a rebuild plan that works for you.

    Start dates on your timeline
    Based on your project type, where you are in the permitting process, and the specifications of the build, we will assemble a team that is ready to start on your timeline.

    Get back to your life
    We provide a dedicated Homeowner Concierge to manage your project from beginning to end, reducing your investment of time.


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