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    About Us

    The Juicy Ladies menu is always evolving to focus on nutrition without compromising food quality or taste.

    Owners Magal Nagar and Kinzie Oppenheim were passionate about healthy food and spreading health throughout their communities. With high expectations for their food ingredients and no quick options to grab an organic juice, smoothie, meal, or snack, they decided to venture out and create their own juice bar, which would eventually become a full organic juice bar & cafe.

    The Juicy Ladies dream is to elevate the human condition through the highest quality organic food. We strive to create nutrient-dense, sustainable and delicious meals that nourish from the inside out.

    Our passion and love for this vision drive us to select the purest products to support our customer’s health and vitality and help preserve our precious earth. Our commitment is that our food, service, and environment encourage our customers to feel part of a positive community of love and healing, where food is medicine for both body and soul.


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