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    LEAD Education, LLC was founded by educational therapist and professional educational consultant, Lindsay Henry. LEAD Education strives to provide children with a highly effective and engaging approach to learning and parents with consultation that is based on a strong understanding of academic, executive functioning and social-emotional development.

    Our goal is to provide clients with the support they need to thrive, both academically and socially. We are a team of educators and clinicians who are inspired by seeing our clients achieve small and large successes in their learning and overall development.

    LEAD Education prides itself on its ability to collaborate with parents, teachers, and allied professionals. We recognize the true value of consistent support, collaboration and consultation.

    Students are often referred to LEAD Education when they are experiencing academic and/or executive functioning difficulties. We work with our students one-on-one to provide them with the support they need. As they develop their skills, we strive to foster a passion for learning and academic risk-taking.


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