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    While honoring traditional modalities, Manual Therapeutics definitively address deep Ligament, Tendon and Fascial restrictions that can inhibit full physical, energetic, and emotional expression.

    Richard not only treats sore and tired muscle tissue but also releases the locks that prevent LIfeForce from flowing freely. Health is ultimately about circulation. Whether it be blood, endocrine, lymphatic, digestive, or what is referred to in eastern traditions as Chi; lifeforce. It is our goal to address all of these circulatory functions and to promote maximal function in all of them. The feeling achieved is not just lack of tension but increased vitality, digestive function and overall well being.

    Services Offered:
    Appointments are 1hr, 1 1/2 hrs, and 2hrs.
    Appointments are in-home with table and sheets provided.

    Please call 310.429.3218 to secure your appointment!


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