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    We solve thorny intellectual property related issues without the ''sticker shock'' of a larger firm. Our clients include pioneering tech, media, and design clients. Over the years, we've developed IP portfolio strategies for clients like Kanvas Labs (acquired by AOL) so they can scale and get acquired. When necessary, we've successfully litigated IP, contract, and related First Amendment claims at the trial and appellate levels. Recently, for example, we represented an ex-Google privacy researcher in connection with the company's defense against a $5 billion class action alleging digital privacy violations.

    Our practice prioritizes classic advising and problem solving over billable hours. We believe quickly solving a client's problem with powerful remedies at workable rates, or by encouraging collaborative problem solving with their adversaries, is the best way to develop a sustainable relationship with the client. It's also the way to establish a long lasting reputation. In addition, we provide clients with holistic advising which takes into account the short and long-term non-legal consequences of their actions. These have included the risk of a foreign government's extrajudicial retribution, leaks to the press, and credit rating problems.

    As a result, our services are regularly sought out by the vanguard in technology, media, and design industries.

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