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    Inside a secret garden hides a beautiful private retreat, the first of its kind. Malibu Baby nurtures growth for parents and individuals while providing enriching activities for the child.

    “Everything centers around your child, but I wanted a place to go that caters to both of us,” says owner and mother Lisa Bain. “Whichever version of you wakes up that day, you can sit next to
    us. We’ll even clean up after you. Hang out, talk about the Real Housewives, or don't make eye contact with anyone. We support that.”
    At Malibu Baby the parent’s comfort is considered first, because caring for the parent is in turn caring for the child. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a lavender scone while the Malibu Baby staff
    entertain your little one. The charming indoor garden offers a fun way to learn and share with other parents. A calendar of specialized milestone classes, discussions and structured play for children, a picnic on the beach, or an organized nature walk are some of the activities offered.
    Malibu Baby even provides a concierge service, a helping hand when parents need it. Discover more at Malibu Baby and follow @MalibuBabySecretGarden on Instagram for glimpses into the reverie.

    About Malibu Baby:
    Malibu Baby is an elegantly designed private club to support parents and create community. The experience is exclusive without being judgmental, comfortable yet luxurious, and adult
    forward while child friendly. Malibu Baby’s secret garden invites you in to stop and smell the roses.

    And just like that, you’re a parent. What in god's name is a breast pump?

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