• Malibu Triathlon / Super League Triathlon - NOW IN LONG BEACH

    Malibu Triathlon / Super League Triathlon - NOW IN LONG BEACH


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    Super League Triathlon is excited to confirm that it will be bringing another world class event to California with the Long Beach Legacy Triathlon on July 20-21, 2024.

    This event is in partnership with USA Triathlon at the proposed venue for the LA 28 Olympics, and continues the established legacy of racing that we have developed over many years at Malibu Triathlon.

    Set at a truly iconic venue that will soon be seen across the world as the pinnacle of triathlon, we are proud to confirm that the event will also continue our vital fundraising efforts for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

    We would urge all former participants and partners of Malibu Triathlon to come on this exciting journey with both us and USA Triathlon as we prove big event short course racing can thrive.


    Our Official Statement Regarding The Malibu Triathlon:
    Super League Triathlon is extremely disappointed by the decision of Malibu City Council to award a permit for a triathlon to a former owner, who has sold the triathlon in the past for commercial gain. Super League remains the legal owner of the event’s IP, and this decision sets a very dangerous precedent for the wider industry and all who want to promote health and wellness by investing in sporting events.

    The decision not to award a new permit ends 38 years of the Malibu Triathlon® as we know it and its proven substantial fundraising for CHLA, which has brought in $18 million for pediatric cancer research, as well as being an important part of the community and delivering support for a s


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