• Malibu Woman's Club

    Malibu Woman's Club


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    Originally incorporated on December 22, 1961, as The Woman’s League of Big Rock Mesa, eligibility for membership was later expanded to include women residents of all the Malibu area. On May 8, 1963, the name of the club was changed to Woman’s League of Malibu; on May 13, 1964, it was again changed to Malibu Woman’s Club.

    We have found that students benefit from recognition by our community for their achievements. Even though some encounter chronic illness, handicaps, or family crises, still they achieve excellence. Many tell us years after how much it meant to them to be recognized and honored.

    Thus, the club is dedicated to the purpose of promoting the education of the youth of Malibu. Through its fundraising activities and generous donors in the community, it provides annual scholarships for academically deserving students who are legal residents of the United States and residents of Malibu or attending school in Malibu.


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