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    Mountain Nest Pilates is a Private Boutique Studio Nestled in the Heart of Malibu Canyon, Calabasas, where the Ocean Meets the Mountains.

    Our Pilates Sculpt Methodâ„¢ incorporates time under tension in our reformer and mat flows, as we work to target small muscle groups in order to strengthen, lengthen, sculpt, and tone our bodies, focusing on proper form and alignment. We use various Pilates props during our Dynamic Pilates sessions that can include weights, stability ball, magic circle, ankle weights, and resistance bands.

    These Dynamic Pilates sessions will keep your heart rate elevated and working throughout the entire session. No two classes are ever the same.

    With a lifelong passion for movement and fitness, Michal not only loves teaching Pilates, but she practices Pilates daily to stay inspired and current. Michal is a certified Pilates Instructor and holds certifications in Reformer and Mat Pilates as well as Lagree Fitness.

    A forever student, Michal loves to learn and takes as many workshops and courses as she can in order to expand her knowledge, and to bring more to the table as your instructor. Some of the recent courses she has taken include STOTT, EQUINOX and Mat Method by HOT PILATES. Focusing on overall wellness and living a healthier lifestyle, Michal is also a Certified Wellness and Nutrition Coach.

    Michal has a robust clientele that includes professional athletes, dancers, actors, models, singers, musicians, executives, teens, new parents, students, seniors, influencers, housewives and more.


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