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    Located in Calabasas, California, MUSE Global School equips young people with the tools they need for a lifetime of curiosity. With innovative academics, passion-based learning and an emphasis on sustainability — students learn to live consciously with themselves, one another and the planet, all in a dynamic and beautiful learning environment.

    MUSE Global School includes creative and critical thinkers who know that flexibility and adaptability are critical keys to our success. We enthusiastically embrace change and consistently challenge ourselves in our ongoing efforts to learn, grow, and improve. We also pursue education fearlessly, knowing that children are naturally “switched on” when they are learning about something they love. We strive to cultivate and sustain that ‘in-the-moment’ exuberance.

    Our students learn through active, real experiences; whether it’s exploration on our campus, interaction with science experiments, planting gardens or diving into their passions. Nurturing relationships between self, one another, place, and planet is critical to the MUSE Global mission. We encourage global stewardship by balancing human and ecological needs; and we collaborate across ages, communities, and cultures. MUSE is a high-performance learning lab that demonstrates eco-literacy and serves as a beacon of sustainable living and design. We are committed to: restoring and celebrating nature Serving as a champion of everything green.


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