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    We provide equipment to help you survive and rebuild after a natural disaster.


    2022 has proven to be another deadly year for those living in California's Wildland-Urban Interface, (WUI). And, with at least 8 people perishing this year alone in wildfires in California, it's time to take a realistic and pragmatic approach to living in high-risk fire zones. That approach is Personal Responsibility.

    Much of the California Government's efforts to deal with wildfire are related to mitigation. However, even the most practical measures, such as weed abatement, will not save lives when the Santa Ana or Devil Winds explode fire growth at a rate of a football field a second. Wildfires kill with smoke, flame and asphyxiation. Firefighters, our heroes in these battles, are exhausted and stretched thin, dealing with their own personal safety, the safety of their coworkers, and mourning the loss of their fellow fire fighters.

    As fires increase in their frequency and intensity, they become deadlier. For families living in WUIs, taking personal responsibility is the only way to eliminate the loss of life. There are substantive actions people can take to protect their family and we can help you prepare for them.


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