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    The Palisades is not just a town where you live, it's a community, a lifestyle, a reason why people come but they never leave. There are many cities in Los Angeles, but the unique thing about the Palisades is how much pride the locals have for their sweet little town.

    The thing every local will tell you is that they LOVE their city. The pride that people feel who are from the Palisades is like a small town from somewhere else. They say if you're rich, you live in Beverly Hills; if you're famous, you live in Hollywood; but if you're lucky, you live in the Pacific Palisades. And lucky we are.

    Our mission is to give the Palisades a small shop for a small town. A go-to for families of all ages to shop and show their Pali Pride.

    Need a gift for some friends coming to town, grab it from the Palisades Gift Shop! Want a new hat or sweatshirt to wear to your kids baseball or soccer game? Grab it at the Palisades Gift Shop.

    Whatever you need, we are here, just your friendly neighbor who lives around the corner.


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