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    Portillo Ronk Legal Team


    Attorney - Civil Litigation

    About Us

    Law firm with focus on bankruptcy, business, and real estate. We help solve disputes pre-litigation or in State Court, Federal Court and Bankruptcy Court. Outside Bankruptcy Department for law firms.

    Portillo Ronk Legal Team’s attorneys have been dedicated to helping clients for years. We have enough experience that we’ve been there before, but we’re not aged out of coming up with new, creative solutions to modern problems. Our team has been working closely together over dozens of cases. We have a smooth, established workflow. Most importantly, we actually enjoy working together! That translates to faster, more developed, collaborative solutions for our clients.

    At PRLT, we like to say that we are a boutique business and bankruptcy firm. That’s true - we do represent businesses in all kinds of disputes and we have decades of experience navigating the complex procedural landscape of Chapter 11 bankruptcy law - but it’s not the whole story. We also handle real estate matters, ranging from commercial lease review to international litigation, and all manner of federal court litigation. In insolvency proceedings, we have experience in a range of fields, including health care, senior care, retail, and oil and gas. No matter where you are in the country, we can help.


    Laura Portillo, Esq.
    Kevin Ronk, Esq.
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