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    ECT POP DROP is an organization created by the Platinum International Products And Services team. Platinum sells office supply products, which fuel Project Pop Drop. Our team does a monthly Pop Drop the last week of every month. We bring food, clothing, medical supplies, beauty products, toys etc. We feature different missions, community programs and philanthropy driven organizations. We are thrilled and humbled that we have helped facilitate feeding over 90,000 meals per month with our program. We are proud to say that starting in 2015 we have gone national! We believe every movement starts with local leadership. We can all help make a difference and impact our communities. This is what life is all about.

    Our focus is to help the epicenter of homelessness in America... Skid Row. We have expanded to many other cities as well as montly Flordia Pop Drop's. We also feature each Project Pop Drop recipient across our social networking platforms each month, to help to draw attention to their cause as well. Since Project Pop Drop launched in 2011, we are thrilled and humbled that we have helped facilitate feeding over 90,000 meals per month.

    #GIVEANDRECEIVE, Please join us. Join the movement!


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