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    ROCA is the latest creation of California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) Co-founder Rick Rosenfield and his wife Esther, who became enamored with a Roman-style street food while on vacation in Rome. They were stuck by the uniqueness of the crispy crust, light airy top and freshness of the ingredients, saw the natural synergy with the abundance of fresh farm to table ingredients available in California, and decided to bring their reimagined version to their home state. According to Rick, ‘At CPK, we always said that pizza is a canvas you can paint on and now Roman-style pizza creates the perfect canvas for today because its unique crust allows it to retain its quality when you reheat it at home.’

    Our pizza dough is more than just ‘artisan.’ It’s art and science, based on a process that started 70 years ago in Rome and has since been refined by people with a true passion for pizza making.

    We start with the highest quality, all organic flour milled by Central Milling Company in Logan, Utah, an employee-owned mill operating since the pioneer days of 1867, working directly with local farmers to grow grains that have exceptional flavor and nutrient content and grown in the most sustainable way possible.


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