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    With over 20 years of design experience, I guide my clients through design projects and give them the confidence to let their homes reflect their unique personalities. I am passionate about interior design, the idea that your home is your sanctuary and that you should LOVE everything that you have in it. I encourage my clients to remember that even the smallest adjustment can make a big difference in the look and feel of a room.

    I am fortunate to have joined a dynamic partnership with Kravet as they work with a variety of talented designers to create and showcase rooms that people will want to re-create in their own homes. www.CURATEDKRAVET.com. My experience blogging for Maria Shriver (Mariashriver.com) has taught me that words can inspire people to make meaningful changes, whether it be for their life,home or both.

    My store, Room at the Beach, is an extension of my passion for beautiful things. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see someone shopping and watch them find something that makes them light up with joy. Too often people put their special belongings away and only use them on certain occasions, while I believe that every day you should surround yourself with the things you enjoy most. I will never forget when Ann Bancroft said to me “I can shop anywhere in the world but this is my favorite store.” That one sentence still provides me with the drive to fill my store with the most interesting home furnishings as possible! It’s always exciting to be featured in LA Magazine or other publications as it means more people will know about the store and come to visit.


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