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    When looking for help with serious issues and to ensure you are getting the best care, always look for the highest level of certification. At Serenity Trauma Healing Center, we offer award-winning trauma treatment programs in Malibu, California, and are state- and JCAHO-accredited.

    Serenity Trauma Healing Center provides trauma healing and therapies to treat depression, stress and post-traumatic stress disorder. We offer Brainspotting , EMDR , somatic therapy, emotional freedom.

    Our strategy, a variant known as dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), helps patients build the skills needed to overcome negative thinking, develop more positive behaviors, and improve their relationships.

    An advanced form of trauma therapy, brainspotting aims to access areas of the brain often not at the center of awareness. Traumatic memories often have associated eye positions. By identifying these, trauma can be diagnosed and treated with this psychotherapy approach. Other approaches to trauma treatment we use include Somatic Experiencing, which focuses on releasing survival energy to restore self-regulation, and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy that focuses on the body by integrating sensorimotor processing with cognitive and emotional processing.


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