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    Tapping for Truth offers an energetic healing tool to cut through to the root of the issue you’re experiencing; these techniques help you discover what is authentically right for you. I provide support to couples and individuals in creating the most harmonious relationships possible.

    People seeking to have a better relationship, navigate challenges in an existing relationship, or heal from a break up/divorce so they can move forward and live a life of joy and purpose. By clearing old patterns, clearing the negative thoughts and conditioning, we can have a healthier relationship with ourselves and others.

    For the past eight years, I’ve been working with clients in 1:1 session and training others in EFT in order to help as many people as possible bring this technique into their practice.

    While I am experienced in helping clients work through a variety of life issues, my specialty is the area of relationship. I offer both in person and online EFT sessions. Emotional Freedom Techniques, i.e ''tapping'' is a powerful healing modality which combines tapping on key acupressure points while verbalizing an issue.

    Whether you are single or in partnership, I would love to work with you in identifying core beliefs, limiting beliefs, and breaking through negative belief systems so you can experience healthier relationships of all types. Through this work, we can expand our ideas about what can be possible in our lives.


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