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    The Emily Shane Foundation's mission is to empower disadvantaged, underserved middle school students at risk of academic failure with individualized, intensive academic tutoring & mentorship.

    We aim to provide our students with the educational resources they need to thrive in middle school and beyond. We not only offer one-on-one academic coaching and mentorship, but we work hard to build relationships that are positive and lasting.

    Our SEA (Successful Educational Achievement) Program provides a comprehensive approach to our students, who are in the mainstream middle school classroom and at risk of academic failure. In addition to academic tutoring and mentorship, we incorporate a focus on skills essential for academic and person success, such as critical organizational and study skills. Only those who could not otherwise afford this essential support, which is not available within the educational system are identified to participate. SEA operates as an after-school program. Days/times vary by site.

    The SEA Program provides the caring, dedication, and guidance of trained and vetted mentor/tutors who focus on each student’s specific circumstances. It truly makes a difference in these children's lives.

    We have served 1,000 students to date and currently operate at 13 sites across Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

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