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    At The Sleep Spa by Hästens, our all-natural horsetail hair beds from Sweden have been made with the same handcrafted quality since 1852. We prioritize the ultimate modern luxury: sleep.

    We’ve made beds this way since 1852, and we’re yet to find a better way. Sure, there’s been refinement, as our mastery of natural materials has progressed but pure handcraft lies at the core of every detail of our beds. And the quality of the result is something that you can feel and sense, even before you lay down.

    We offer our clients a 25 year warranty and free maintenance plan that includes massage and flipping of your mattress for as often as four times a year. This is our way to prove how much we care about you and how much we believe in our products. Without our clients we wouldn’t be here, and we truly value that fact.


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