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    The community we serve deserves the best, and that is exactly what you will find at Vintage Grocers. We stock only the freshest produce and seafood, the finest wines and gourmet items, and the very best meat, poultry and pork selections. Vintage Grocers embraces all food beliefs— offering a vast selection of products that serve the diverse needs of shoppers.

    At Vintage Grocers, we not only meet your everyday grocery shopping needs, but we provide exceptional offerings from our kitchen ready for your table. Piping hot brick-oven pizza, fresh-cut sushi made with the highest quality seafood, heart-warming homemade soups, an expansive range of deli selections, a garden-fresh salad bar, a fresh-squeezed juice bar, gourmet sandwiches and many more delicious dishes are all available to take home or enjoy at the store.

    All of us at Vintage Grocers share your passion for food. From picking up a tasty treat for tonight’s dinner to preparing gourmet holiday meals— we are dedicated to being your knowledgeable and friendly partner in all your eating endeavors.


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