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    Jessica Viola is founder and owner of Viola Gardens Design, Viola Living Jewels and author of A Hundred Bells: Understanding Patterns in Nature on the Path to Empowerment.

    Jessica is one of Southern California’s most sought after landscape designers, having spent the past two decades cultivating a design portfolio based on regenerative, whole-system solutions and artistic vision. Jessica is likewise one of just a few fully licensed, bonded and female landscape contractor's in the state of California. Her in-house design crew is currently fully women led and all team members are certified in Permaculture Design.

    Viola Gardens employs a full range of hardscaping and softscaping techniques that range from poured in place pavers, patios, uniquely designed built-in structures such as fire-pits, water features and retaining walls, pergolas, decks and irrigation systems. With expert knowledge of plant systems and species, we employ a keen focus on the artistic placement and ecological use of wide array of site-appropriate plants in the landscape garden. We also employ natural building and hardscape techniques, using recycled and renewable resources as much as possible to minimize the carbon footprint of our projects. We encourage the use of grey water and drip irrigation systems, as well as solar lighting whenever possible.

    Jessica approaches each project as a unique reflection of her client’s dreams and desires in relationship with the needs of the garden, the architecture, and the land.


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