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    The Wagon Wheel School experience is centered on giving children the tools to express themselves with confidence, and to ignite a lifetime love for learning. Through an emphasis on creativity, good problem solving skills, and independent thinking we hope to strengthen the foundation for healthy self esteem. We focus on the development of the whole child, and hope to foster growth socially, emotionally, physically, and academically in the most holistic way possible.

    We realize that learning happens differently for every child, so the more we can engage our students in multi-sensory activities the better. We have themes for every month where our activities, books, and artwork all reflect that different unit on learning - the more hands-on the better. By giving our children the freedom and encouragement to play, we enable them to face challenges and complete tasks with an empowered sense of confidence.

    We strongly encourage our children to express their needs through words, as good communication is a vital part of life at every age. This becomes very important during peer to peer conflict resolution where teachers guide their students to express themselves to one another in healthy and constructive ways. Weekly show & tell gives children the encouragement to tell stories publicly about something meaningful to them. Class performances help promote self esteem by allowing them to sing and dance together in front of others while having fun.

    We seek to foster a very loving environment that is beautiful, inviting, and full of laughter.


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