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    Brushfire Battle Systems, LLC


    Firefighting & Prevention Equipment

    About Us

    Home and estate firefighting equipment and supplies. We provide pool fire pumps, industrial-grade fire sprinklers, fire hose, home hydrants and fire department grade nozzles and hose wyes.

    Brushfire Battle Systems is a Southern California supplier of advanced pool fire pumps and fire sprinkler wildfire defense systems. I have been in business since 2019 and have equipment installed from Calistoga to Carlsbad.

    Our systems utilize professional-grade equipment to help protect your home, estate, car collection, winery or business from an advancing wildfire. Your swimming pool or water tank can be tapped to provide a water shield around and over your home in minutes.

    Owning a fire pump, fire sprinklers and professional fire fighting equipment may be the difference between returning to a home or business still standing and a drained pool or tank, or smoldering slab of concrete and a full pool filled with ash.


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