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    Functional Dynamics Health and Fitness Training


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    Individually curated personal training services. Geared towards improving movement and posture, developing strength and stability and creating greater levels of general health and wellness. I’m here to help you create vitality and well being in your life through integrated exercise and a holistic living philosophy.

    Functional Dynamics was birthed with the intention to aid people in bringing about more vitality and well being into their lives. Through the three main tenants of Holistic living, Integrative exercise, and sustainable practices, we aim to balance and strengthen the body, enrich the mind, and enliven the spirit. As the totality of a human being is multidimensional in nature, we work to provide nourishment for all areas - the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

    Through the clarification of ones dreams, goals or objectives, using proper assessment and evaluation, we than can create a form and structure that will bring us closer to creating the vision that we hold for ourselves. Whatever we wish to engage with in this life, we want to make sure that we have the energy and ability to do so. We do this by taking personal responsibility for our own health, happiness and life process. Through actions that are in line with our core values, we set the foundation for our own growth and development.

    This is what Functional Dynamics is all about - understanding the rhythms and undulations of our lives and then applying utility in balance. In doing so we can show up, contribute and participate fully in our lives.

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