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    The International Perfume Foundation is a unique organisation within the perfume industry, dedicated to the preservation of perfume heritage through education and putting back flowers in perfumes.

    Created in 1995, The International Perfume Foundation was founded in Brussels by Creezy Courtoy, French former fashion model, expert in perfume, historian and anthropologist.The International Perfume Foundation is a unique organization within the perfume industry, dedicated to promoting the preservation of perfume heritage. They prioritize education through their Natural Perfumery Teacher's Academy, where they train perfumers and experts on the art, anthropology, and history of perfume from countries around the world. By recognizing each country's perfume heritage, they aim to preserve traditional perfumery practices while supporting flower and plant growers and helping perfume enthusiasts reconnect with nature through natural perfumes.

    In addition to education, the International Perfume Foundation encourages the growth of the natural perfumery market. Similar to the demand for organic food, people are seeking natural perfumes, and the foundation aims to create a separate market for those who want to reconnect with nature through fragrance. They certify the entire production chain to ensure the authenticity of natural perfumes and promote their annual award, The New Luxury Awards, to recognize excellence in this realm.

    By focusing on education, preservation, and the development of the natural perfumery market, the International Perfume Foundation plays a crucial role in promot


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