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    Coffee with Jim: A Conversation with Dave Hollis

    Friday, May 29 | 12:30 - 1:15 PM (PT) | ZOOM Webinar

    Join alumni, parents, and friends as we share in a virtual conversation between Pepperdine president Jim Gash (JD '93) and alumnus Dave Hollis ('97). Dave just released a new book titled Get Out of Your Own Way and is married to bestselling author & motivational speaker Rachel Hollis. He left his role as president of distribution for the Walt Disney Studios to lead The Hollis Company alongside his wife. He is also a career & life coach, co-founder of the RISExLive conference, a co-host of "Rise Together " (the #1 health podcast on iTunes), and most importantly, the father of four children. The two will be discussing "the power of mindset during crisis" along with other relatable topics.
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    Friday, May 29 | 11 AM   "Reopening: Navigating State and Local Guidance to Bring Customers Back Safely"


    Preparing for the Unexpected: Rebranding and Profiting During a Time of Crisis with Howard Lim of HOW Creative 

    Tuesday, June 2 | 12:00 - 1:00 PM (PT) | ZOOM Webinar  ZOOM LINK
    Are you prepared for the unexpected in the business world? Recent events such as COVID-19 have proven that businesses and brands need to be prepared for an economic crisis at any given moment. As the visual and experience foundation of your company, your brand has the power to influence sales, shareholder value, and relevancy. Join us and learn HOW!
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    An award-winning business and branding architect™, sought-after speaker, author, and organization advisor since 1987, Howard A. Lim has earned his reputation as a “disruptive innovator,” and his boutique firm, HOW Creative, partners with CEOs and business leaders worldwide to develop and execute powerful and influential global Authentic Brands®. For over 30 years, Mr. Lim has represented a vast array of all size business from startups to Fortune 500 brands, including Apple, Honda, Disney, DreamWorks, Acura, Xerox, Oracle, Cirque du Soleil, Lakeshore Entertainment, Mattel, Jakks Pacific, Northrop, ATT, Paramount Pictures, and HP, just to name a few. His contributions have added billions of dollars to clients' profits, to the greater value of the brand, and to the company’s equity.

    At-Home Wine Tasting with Housley Wines

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  • PHASE 3 REOPENING (with Restrictions and Safeguards) June 19, 2020

    The County of Los Angeles has issued an updated Health Officer Order which permits the re-opening of the following businesses effective immediately, Friday, June 19th:

    • Nail salons
    • Cosmetology services
    • Spas offering aesthetic and massage services
    • Tattoo and piercing shops
    • Tanning salons
    • Casinos, card rooms and satellite wagering sites
    • Bar and wineries not anchored to food services
    These businesses can begin opening immediately but must comply with their sector Protocols and post at their place of business those distancing and infection control protocols, established by the County of Los Angeles, before re-opening. 

    The protocols for Bars, Wineries, Tasting Rooms and Breweries can be found here.  

    The protocols for Personal Care Establishments can be found here

    The protocols for Gambling Businesses that must be followed can be found here
    In addition, protests and faith-based services held outdoors will no longer have limits on how many people can participate, starting Friday.

    At a Glance: Highlights of the Guidelines for Reopening
    • All employees and customers will be screened for symptoms, including cough and fever. Anyone feeling unwell should stay home.
    • Customers must wear a face covering at all times, unless exempted for a particular service.
    • Physical distancing must be maintained and capacity will be limited.
    • Waiting rooms will be limited or closed and amenities, such as magazines, will be removed.
    • Reservations are required for personal services.
    • Contactless forms of payments are encouraged.
    Additional Information for Individual Sectors
    Nail Services
    • Staff must wear a cloth face covering at all times. Staff may be required to wear a respirator, which is necessary when ventilation is insufficient to reduce exposure below permissible exposure limits established in state code.
    • For certain procedures workers may need to wear, in addition to their face covering, a face shield and gloves.
    • You may not receive multiple services, for example a manicure and a pedicure, at the same time.
    • Reservations are required.
    Esthetician, Skin Care, Electrolysis and Cosmetology Services
    • Customers must wear face coverings at all times while in the facility, except when the face covering must be removed for the performance of services involving that part of the face.
    • In addition to face coverings, staff are required to wear a face shield when they are providing services that do not enable the client to wear a face covering. Staff should also wear disposable gloves throughout the entire esthetic service.
    Massage Services
    • Staff must wash their hands before any services are provided.
    • Customers must wear face coverings during the entirety of the massage service.
    • Hand treatments will be provided as the last part of the service.
    Tattoo and Piercing Services
    • Gloves are required throughout the tattoo and piercing sessions.
    • Mouth/nose area piercings and tattooing are suspended.
    Card rooms
    • Occupancy is limited to 50%, and food and beverages are only allowed at restaurants and bars.
    Bars, Breweries, Tasting Rooms and Wineries
    • Bars and wineries may serve only alcohol and the establishment does not need to be affiliated with food services, as the previous order required.
    • Customers will not be able to order drinks at the bar or counter.
    • Capacity is limited to 50% and customers will need to be seated to order and consume beverages.
    • No entertainment is allowed.

    Business owners should make sure that social distancing measures are in place to protect employees and customers including having all employees wear face coverings.

    In order to combat the rising number of COVID cases, Governor Newsom has mandated a new statewide order that people wear masks or other coverings in public spaces, including while taking public transportation, seeking medical care, shopping and in most work scenarios.  Exceptions:  Children under two, people eating or drinking in restaurants provided they can maintain a minimum six foot distance from other customers and staff who are not members of the same household. Additionally, anyone with a medical condition, mental health condition, or disability that prevents wearing a face covering can disregard the order.

    ​Still closed are movie theaters, live performance theaters, entertainment centers, concert halls and venues, stadiums, arenas, gaming facilities, theme parks, lounges and nightclubs, hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas not located on a residential property and festivals. Click here for a detailed list of what is currently open and closed in L.A. County.