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    We teach psychological tools that are proven to heal stress and increase joy. By teaching these tools, we prevent violence, suicide, drug use, depression, abuse, anxiety, and bully behavior. Our services include: school-based social-emotional learning programs, school-based bully and violence prevention programs, teacher training, classes for parents, one to one therapy, counseling, parent coaching, neurofeedback, EMDR, family and child counseling, therapist training and community events. When you come to our center, you not only receive the most effective treatments from practitioners at the top of their field, but you also help us to provide low cost and free psychological support and education. ?Call us at 310-894-6597 or email us at hello@rootsnwings.org


    • To Decrease Violence toward Children (Spanking, Punishment, Shaming, Bullying, Teasing)
    • We know that abuse and neglect hurt children, but did you also know that experiences such as being teased, going thr
    • This innovative, research-based program consists of in-depth teacher/staff training and coaching, weekly experiential pa


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